Life in Baires

I packed two suitcases and decided to leave D.C.
to move to Buenos Aires.

Plata Quemada- I first watched this movie in the Argentine embassy in Washington, DC. I went with a friend I had met studying abroad the year before. We were both looking to feed our compulsion for all things Argentine, plus- we heard there would be some hot sex scenes. Little did we know there was more guy-on-guy than we had come prepared for. Greasy, dirty, male bodies rolling around on a bed of money… We should’ve known that latent homoeroticism in machismo culture has to come pouring out somewhere. 

Overall, a decent film with famed actors Eduardo Noriega and Pablo Echarri. It’s also based on a true story (kept secret for 35 years) of renegade robbers who flee to Uruguay and end up in a stand-off with the cops. 

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